Internet Safety


Become Computer Literate

• Have your child show or teach you what they are doing on the Internet - make it a family activity

Ultimately - Internet Safety is a parental responsibility!

Keep the lines of communication open between you and your child.

• Encourage them to talk with you about anything that makes them feel uncomfortable

• Outline your home and outside of home computer expectations

• Share your values

• Make sure they know that you know

With younger children, if they want to go on the Internet, make it a family activity.

Establish clear boundaries with computer use. Be vigilant, monitor your child’s phone calls from unusual numbers.

With MySpace and other similar sites, create your own account and go on and explore. Become familiar with what your child is being exposed to and the ways they are using these sites. Ask them to show you their pages and those of their friends.

Have the computer your child uses in a public place. Limit time spent on the computer and Internet.

If a computer is located in your child’s room, consider not connecting it to the Internet.

If you have a wireless network, consider turning off wireless access at a set time each night.

Never give your child credit card numbers or passwords that will enable them to make purchases or access to inappropriate services or sites,

Carefully monitor the use of scanners and digital cameras.

Teach them to check with you before they download any information or an application to install.

Monitor your communication bills.

Parental Quote

“As much as I wish being educated about what’s happening will scare kids, they feel they are invincible,” said a parent from Princeton. “Parents need to step in before their kids fall prey to someone just being nice to them.”

Anything they post now might come back to haunt them as they apply to college a job latter in life.

If you are concerned about what Internet Sites might have been visited on a given computer:

• Check the browser by clicking on the History Button

• Search by extension type (jpeg, gif, tiff, for pictures or images), by Date, or File Name (.exe)

• Search the “Favorites” Folder from the start or file menu

• If you have questions about checking the history, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.