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S.M.A.R.T Telemedicine Program

Questions asked most often by parents/guardians:

Question: What is Telemedicine or the S.M.A.R.T. Program?

Answer: S.M.A.R.T. stands for Student Medical Assistance Response Team. Telemedicine is a way to connect you and your child to medical care while they remain in school. Sevier County Schools K-8th grade have access to this program in all schools. Sevier County School System has partnered with a group of doctors, nurses, and support staff from Cherokee Health System in Knoxville/Seymour, Tennessee to provide these services to students.

Question: What illness can be diagnosed with Telemedicine?

Answer: Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchitis, Boils/Abcess, Skin rashes, Cuts/Abrasions, Impetigo, Lice, Ear infections, Pink eye, Sinus infections, Strep throat, & Respiratory infections. Flu Test and quick strep test can also be administered for quicker diagnosis.

Question: Who will see my child?

Answer: A certified, licensed Nurse Practitioner who specializes in care of children.

Question: How does Telemedicine work?

Answer: A nurse practitioner, along with the school nurse, examine your child via television/Internet camera using a special camera to examine eyes, ears, throat, & skin. A special microphone is used to transmit lung sounds to detect congestion in the lungs.

Question: Can I be there with my child?

Answer: After the initial screening to determine if a Telemedicine exam is needed, the school nurse will call the parent for permission to do the exam. At that time, the parent may request to be present for the exam, or if unable to be present a full explaination of findings and treatment will be reported by phone to the parent by the school nurse.

Question: Can Telemedicine be used by me or other family members?

Answer: At this time, Telemedicine is only being offered to Kindergarten through eighth grade students in Sevier County schools, but other programs may be added in the future.

Question: Does my insurance pay for Telemedicine visits?

Answer: At this time, Cherokee Health states that all insurance in which Cherokee Health is listed as a provider is paying for the Telemedicine visits. If your insurance plan has a co-pay, this would also apply to Telemedicine visits and the co-pay would be billed to you by Cherokee Health.

Question: What if I don't have insurance for my child?

Answer: The school nurse will provide a form for you to fill out called a fee waiver which bases payment on your income. Most cases the cost could be as low as five dollars for a visit and a minimal fee for lab work if needed.

Question: What if I have Tenn Care or Cover Kids will they pay for a Telemedicine visit?

Answer: Yes, Tenn Care and Cover Kids will pay for your child's visit.

Question: How does my child get medicine if they need it?

Answer: During the Telemedicine visit, if it is determined your child will need medicine, the nurse practitioner and school nurse will ask which pharmacy you use and if your child has any medication allergies. After receiving all the information, the nurse practitioner will fax a prescription to your desired pharmacy for you to pick up the medicine quickly. Usually prescriptions are covered by insurance or are a minimal cost of four dollars.

Question: How do I sign my child up for S.M.A.R.T. Telemedicine Program?

Answer: Each school has applications for you to fill out in the main office. If you have questions or need assistance with your application, ask your school's nurse to help you.